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The Real Spin on Mazda for 2013
Mazda makes it a habit of building fun-to-drive vehicles. But can Mazda, and its new SkyActiv technology, help translate this sporty nature into sales success?
5 to Drive: Family-Friendly Fun Video
Who said you have to drive a minivan if you have a family? Not us.
2011 Mazda5 Video

Mazda gets swoopy with its mini minivan.

Quick Drive: 2012 Mazda5
Compared to current minivans the 2012 Mazda5 is a mini-minivan. Iron…
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2012 Mazda5
A pint-size mini-minivan thats enticing from a car enthusiasts viewpoint.
Video: 2011 Mazda Mazda5
We like the current variation of the Mazda5, and have high hopes for this one.
2011 Mazda Mazda5
Mazda gets swoopy with its mini minivan.
Mazda5 front
2010 Geneva Auto Show Preview: Mazda5
The influence of the Nagare concept car is obvious. Flowing lines in the surface of this mini-minivan serve no obvious purpose, and mak…
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What Is 5 to Drive?
It's a 10-part, multimedia series delivers the hottest cars in each segment.