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This 964 Turbo Has a 600-HP Pikes Peak Engine

There's nothing about this car that isn't perfect—don't tell Porsche purists that, though.

This Ford Escot Race Car Has a Twin-Hayabusa V8
This tube-frame chassis time attack race car has the body of a Mk1 E…
Porsche Might Start Building Formula One Engines
As Porsche decides whether or not to stay in the WEC, its focus shif…
Alonso Thinks Honda Engines are Still Underpowered
Even with these newest updates, Alonso believes the Honda power unit…
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Watch This Porsche 917 Flat-12 Get Rebuilt
One of racing's most famous engines gets a teardown, and we all get …
Honda Will Supply Sauber With Engines for 2018

Sauber will become the second manufacturer in the field to adopt the historically unreliable Honda power unit come next year.

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Sauber May Actually Use Honda F1 Engines Next Year

The Swiss Formula One team low on cash may have no other choice but to turn to Honda for engine power.

McLaren F1 Is Thinking About Switching Back to Mercedes Engines

After constant trouble with underpowered, unreliable Honda engines, McLaren F1 eyes a possible engine deal with Mercedes.

A Single Overseas Flight Causes More Pollution Than an Entire Formula One Race

That fact isn't stopping FIA president Jean Todt from doubling down on muffled turbocharged power units, however.

McLaren Has Already Used Five Honda Engines in the First Days of F1 Testing

You'd think with Honda supplying your engines, they'd be reliable, but McLaren has gotten a lot of practice swapping them.

McLaren's F1 engines are on Twitter, and they're weird
What, you expected quasi-sentient Honda V6es to be normal?