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Watch This GT-R R/C Car Fly Around a Race Track

The "GT-R/C" was able to reach speeds of over 130 mph with no one in the car.

Forza Motorsport 7 Review

If you're into cars, there's no way you won't get addicted.

Here's What we Learned Playing the Forza 7 Demo
As always, Forza's improvements are incremental. But this new Forza …
Here's The Forza Motorsport 7 Launch Trailer
There's almost nothing to distinguish this in-game footage from real…
Gran Turismo Sport Will Hit Shelves October 17

After numerous delays, Gran Turismo Sport gets a release date.

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Let This Video Take You Through the Evolution of Sim Racing

Take a look at how simple driving games turned into one of motorsports' most important learning tools.

The Alpine Vision GT Concept is a French fantasy with air brakes
The latest Gran Turismo concept brings French racing flair to your PlayStation.
Alpine Vision GT Concept
Renault's gorgeous fantasy machine, coming to Gran Turismo 6.
The Subaru BRAT and Nissan IDx come to Forza Horizon 2
Two oddly awesome Japanese icons meet in a digital space.
Our 5 favorite racing games to celebrate 25 years of Game Boy
On April 21, 1989, Nintendo released the original Game Boy. It had us fiddling with contrast knobs and racing from the palm of our hand…
Dubai Police release a racing game. It's not what you think...
The Dubai Police, known for their fleet of supercars, have released a new racing game. A CAMEL racing game. What does that have to do w…
A Breeding Ground for Future Champions
Straight from a gaming console to the seat of a real Formula 1 car.
F1 2010 Game Preview
This upcoming new Formula 1 game is about as close to racing reality as you can get!
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Introducing the Road & Track Car Pack
Available April 13th on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace for Forza Motorsport 3.
Nintendo Wii F1 2009
The Wii F1 2009 offers a great opportunity to explore the excitement behind a professional race series.
Project Gotham Racing 4
Bringing realism to your living room.