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Mazda Is Developing a Rotary Engine for Sports Car

However, while the company is developing the engine, the business case for the sports car isn't there yet, according to one report.

For Sale: Six-Rotor BMW M6

Yeah, we're as confused as you are.

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<p>People have wanted the RX7 to return for years. Mazda has confirmed that the <a href="">rotary engine is back</a> and could make it into a production version of the RX-9. That would certainly be a joyous day for us, because we have always loved the RX7, especially for its quirks. It was easily modded and was absolutely unreliable. Today's technology could yield an equally fun car and bring a revolutionary engine back to a market where it's been missed.</p>
Mazda Patent Hints at an Updated, Turbocharged Rotary Engine

Mazda's experimenting with a new intake and exhaust layout that's just perfect for turbocharging.