suzuki regina

Suzuki Regina – 2011 Tokyo Auto Show
This odd looking car was at the Suzuki booth. Its called the Regina and is powered by a 800-cc turbocharged engine and an electric motor. Its small, stylish and looks like a lot of fun. The car is only 139 inches
Kei is for Cute
Kei class cars may be small, but they stole much of the limelight at…
On the Suzuki Stand
The Tokyo show proves that Suzuki still has its sense of humor.
Highlights: 2011 Tokyo Auto Show Video
Fun and funky, that's the Tokyo show!
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Suzuki Concepts – 2011 Tokyo Auto Show Preview
Just a few days after doors close on the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show, the doors will open for the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show, which takes plac…