<p>People have been clamoring for a Tesla Model S Coupe for years and <a href="http://quizcards.info/new-cars/news/a6358/first-look-tesla-model-s-p85d-dual-motor/" target="_blank">for good reason</a>. Its already attractive design would look great in coupe form, making the already fashionable Model S even more fashionable. Heck, maybe Tesla could even figure out a way to fit the Model S Coupe with <a href="http://quizcards.info/new-cars/news/a26878/the-seven-craziest-things-about-the-tesla-model-x/" target="_blank">Falcon doors from the Model X</a>. Now that would be awesome.</p>


Elon Musk: In Two Years, Your Tesla Could 'Summon' Itself Cross-Country

As of Saturday, your Tesla can autonomously exit your garage. In two years, Elon Musk thinks it could summon itself across the country.