toyota corolla

This Electric Hachiroku Is the Perfect Case Study

Old cars are light enough to take a heavy battery pack and still remain fun to drive, taking full advantage of the extra torque and power.

Tesla's Shop Foreman Had 36 Early Toyota Corollas
Big Mike's favorite Corolla Levin is a fully built rally car running…
image image
Here's a Toyota Really Grounded to the Ground
The Toyota Corolla's 'Tommi Makinen Edition' in the hands of fellow …
Here's Why 86 Is Toyota's Favorite Number
The number 86 reminds enthusiasts of the time when Toyota Corollas w…
Toyota Matrix & Corolla
Solid virtues served with pizazz.
New Toyota Models for 2013
New Toyota Models for 2013
The definitive 2013 research guide to the new cars by Toyota.
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The AE86 Lives: Greddy Scion FR-S and Bowls Corolla GT-S
Unless youve been on sedatives prescribed by Dr. Conrad Murray for the past year, youve probably heard about the much hyped Subaru/Toyo…
Best Selling Cars in August
Sales of new cars and trucks in August were higher than many pundits expected. The naysayers expected the gloomy economic news and the …
Chevrolet Malibu Top Selling Car in May
As expected, the March earthquake in Japan has knocked the status quo out of whack in the new car market. Generally speaking there tend…
Shift Toward Smaller Cars Continues to Grow
It must be really frustrating for product planners and others in the auto industry as they try to predict what vehicles people will be …
U.S. New Car Sales Continue to Improve
The monthly sales report cards are in and every company has reported improved new-car sales in February, compared to the same month las…
Thanks To Toyota, This Could Be The End Of Left-Foot Braking
Toyotas unintended acceleration debacle could leave those of us that like to left-foot brake out of luck soon. Why? Because theres talk…
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