The New Alpine A110 Lives Up to the Hype

Autocar got its hands on the long-awaited French sports car. It's a legitimate rival to the Porsche 718 Cayman.

The SLP Firehawk Was a Barely Legal 1992 Firebird
Available as a 1992 car for a lot of cash straight from your Pontiac…
Watch a Lotus Exige Cup 380's Nürburgring Hot Lap
While the time of 7:48 might not be earth-shattering, it is hard to …
911 GT2 RS Vs Huracan Performante Track Battle
The two fastest production cars to ever lap the Nurburgring go up ag…
Take a Tour Through Japan's Car Culture
Just about any car subgenre you can think of has a dedicated fan bas…
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The Autozam AZ-1 Might Be the Coolest Car in America Right Now

With early models just becoming legal for import, the mid-engine Kei car is at the top of every JDM car fan's mind.

The Defender Was Actually Incredibly Rare in America When New

Land Rover only shipped over 500 examples of the 110 for the US. Now, it's one of the most sought-after 4x4s ever.

Here's What 22 Years of Continuous Engineering Does to a Car
John Lazorack does digital clay modeling for GM's Advanced Design division. He also took a Mitsubishi Starion further down the rabbit's…
Of Course the McLaren F1 GTR Is a Great Christmas Tree Hauler

All you need is a few rolls of bubble wrap, and the rear wing will take care of the rest.

What Makes the Huracan Performante the Best Lamborghini You Can Buy

The first 'complete' Lamborghini is also one of the finest supercars you can buy today.

Yes, You Can Do Ken Block-Style Gymkhana With Only 60 Horsepower

A Fiesta instead of a Focus, 60 horsepower instead of 600, and Etienne Guerra instead of Ken Block. This is Gymkhana 0.9: Cheapkhana.

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2014 World Rally Championship / Round 09 /  Rally Deutschland // Worldwide Copyright: TMG
How to Make Your Street Car's Braking System Ready to Race or Rally

Transforming a normal road car into a race or rally car takes a lot of steps. The braking system may be the most complex.

This Aston Martin V8 Vantage Redefines What Rally Cars Should Sound Like

This might be the best-sounding rally car we've ever heard.

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How Australia Won The Bodykit Game, Forever

It happened in 1988, with the Holden HSV VL Commodore Group A SS Sedan, built in limited numbers by Tom Walkinshaw's crew.

Florida's Hopeful EV From The 1970s Is a Fantastic First Car
The cheese-shaped Sebring-Vanguard Citicar was an obvious choice for a first car for Simone Giertz, Sweden's most famous robotics enthu…
GMC Unveils a Stunning Retro Desert Fox Concept Truck

This is one stylish off-roader.

The Ford GT Needs a V8

The EcoBoost V6 is a technological marvel, but the V8 of the old car is old school awesome.

Thank Lotus for More Speed at Half the Ferrari Money

In 1989, the four-cylinder Lotus Esprit Turbo SE was faster than a V12-powered Ferrari Testarossa, while also costing a lot less money.

Here's 10 Minutes of Pure Angry Yaris WRC Sounds

Thank Toyota's drivers, engineers and mechanics, Tommi Mäkinen, forced induction and the internet.

The Beauty Of Having Bone Stock Eighties Classics

If you're looking for an iconic car that can take you there and back every day of the week, it's hard to beat a Mark 2 Golf GTI 16V.

We're Thankful for the Way the Corvette Sounds

There's a lot to be thankful for today. The Corvette should be on your list.

Ken Block's Dream Car Is the Scariest Factory Ford

Thank heavens Mr. Block's dream car happens to be a Ford!

Start Your Day With the Wail of the Lancia Stratos

The legendary rally car has an amazing sound.

The City Turbo Is Honda's Most Practical Hot Hatch

This little hatchback wasn't just great on its own—it was big enough to fit an entire second mode of transportation.

The Lotus Cortina Is a Blast to Drive, Even 50 Years Later

The homologation special is famous for its results on the track. But it actually makes for a damn good road car too.

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