Dissecting Mazda's Revolutionary Gas Engine

While Mazda hasn't released all the information about the magic engine that's supposed to zoom-zoom them all the way to 2030, Engineering Explained has an educated guess about its operation.

Relive Audi’s Le Mans Glory Days
The Goodwood Festival of Speed got Tom Kristensen, Allan McNish, and…
Impreza 22B and Evo VI Make New Cars Feel Dull
One of rally's greatest eras gave birth to two incredible homologati…
Watch Your Favorite Modern Supercars Battle It Out
Japan's Car Magazine brings some of today's most desirable sports ca…
Create Art With Your Jaguar F-Type SVR's Exhaust
All you need is a flat surface thin enough to act as a membrane, cov…
Did You Know That Porsche's Whale Tail Holds 40 Beers?

And we're not talking about the small ones. The 930's rear wing can hold 40 proper bottles from Stuttgart's best.

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Some Barns Hide Better Unused Cars than Others

While North Georgia has some great classic car deals to offer, it's South Carolina where all the Italian rarities hide, in a barn.

What 12 Years of Wrenching Can Do to a 1966 Mustang

For maximum autocross performance in a street car, you need a 750 horsepower NASCAR engine with an inboard suspension.

How Left-Foot Braking In a Rear-Wheel Drive Car Can Make You Faster

Your driving instructor told you never to use your left foot for braking, but they've never run a gravel stage rally.

The Piper P2 Is a British Oddity You've Never Heard Of

Piper Cars was a late-sixties dream that never reached the heights of Marcos or TVR, let alone Lotus.

Ordering Your Rolls-Royce Is a Complex Task

Are you ready to talk to somebody about your problems, as well as leather textures and custom umbrellas?

The French Car Jeremy Clarkson Loved, Only To Call It "Rubbish" Later

Do you remember the Venturi? Were you aware that it was a thing?

This Electric Hypercar from Singapore Will Be Crazy Fast

Partly designed by Williams Advanced Engineering, Vanda's electric hypercar is on its way to become a seven-figure product by 2020.

Amphibious Mini Mokes Are Way Cooler Than Yachts

French prototype specialist Lazareth found a way to make the Moke even better than the British original.

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Jay Leno's Most Nostalgic German Ride Is His Beloved 280SE Coupé

A V8 Mercedes with doors that "shut with authority," complete with stacked headlights for that "substantial" look.

Watch F1's Greatest Car and Engine Take Their First Laps

On a cold day in 1967, a handful of Brits made history.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast Is the Ultimate Evolution of a Dying Breed

A 789 horsepower naturally-aspirated V12 revving to 8900 all day long. That would be the main selling point.

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This 1233 Horsepower Diesel-Nitrous Truck Is Nuts

1233 horsepower and 2000 foot pounds of torque at the wheels suggest that not much 1949 Ford truck is left here.

Do You Know Where Škoda's Logo Comes From?

Technically, from the Czech part of what used to be the Austrian Empire, but also from North America.

How McLaren Introduced Gilles Villeneuve to Formula 1

It was 1977 at Silverstone when an unknown Canadian called Gilles Villeneuve got in McLaren's third car, thanks to James Hunt.

The New BMW 8 Series Sounds Like a Beast

Spied at the Nürburgring in full Karussell mode, this BMW 8 Series prototype seems to be packing at least eight cylinders.

The Lamborghini Huracan Performante Is a Celebration of the V10

Up until now, the Huracan's chassis wasn't quite up to its engine. Up until now.

Watch The Goodwood Festival of Speed Live Here

Follow all the action and try to guess who will mess up Lord March's lawn first.

Meet the Man Who Daily-Drives a 725,000-Mile 1976 Porsche 911 Turbo
The original Turbo was so challenging, they call it the Widowmaker. For Bill MacEachern, it's his daily driver—even in Canadian w…
The WRC's Italian Rally Was Glorious Turbocharged Madness
Three-hundred eighty horsepower and huge wings against dry dirt roads and a trillion rocks trying to destroy intercoolers, brakes and e…
Which Audi Is The Quickest Off The Line?

Pitted against an R8 V10 Plus and an S8, the RS6's performance is very impressive.

Welcome to Britain's Largest Honda Performance Party
Mimms Honda Day started out as a small Cars & Coffee-style event, only to grow into a massive Honda celebration attracting visitors fro…
The Jaguar F-Type 400 Sport Is Special

Four years after debuting in convertible form, it's still hard to find a fault in the Jaguar F-Type's concept.

Listen To The 2018 Porsche 911 GT3's Screaming Engine

Next year's GT3 is significantly faster and louder than a 2017 911 GT3.

The Saab 900 Turbo Handled Like a Champ

In 1985, the Saab 900 Turbo was the safest and most fun front-wheel drive car on the American market.

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