Three Examples of Jeremy Clarkson Skiing Jaguars

For some reason, Mr. Clarkson seems to be obsessed with skiing in, or sometimes behind a Jaguar. It's been his favorite sport since 2001.

The Carrera T Is the Porsche 911, Semi-Stripped
After Porsche threw upgrades at its back-to-basics 911, the Carrera …
AMG GT R vs. Corvette Z06: Which is Fastest?
Despite the price gap, these cars have a lot more in common than you…
Reminder: Today's WRC Cars Are Incredibly Quick

Snow? Ice? Non-issues for today's modern rally machines.

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A Twin-Plug Flat-Six Makes a Porsche 914 Come Alive

Porsche never built a super-hot 914 back in the day, so on owner decided to make one himself.

The Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette Is an American Icon

During "Project Top Gun" in 1988, Callaway's 898-horsepower C4 set a new record at 254.76 mph.

If You Own a Jaguar D-Type, You Need This Bus

In the 1950s, Ecurie Ecosse made a custom transporter to get its Jaguar D-Types to the races. It still runs today.

The Celica GT-Four Is a Forgotten 1990s Performance Gem

We never got these in the US, but we can import them soon. We should.

How the Internet's Favorite Safari Alfa GTV Was Destroyed

This '74 GTV suffered a real 'hold my beer' moment.

Here's How Porsche Justifies Keeping the 911 Rear-Engined

Most logic dictates putting the engine behind the rear axle is bad for performance. Here are some reasons why it's not.

The Car for the Youth of the 1990s
While some in the US may have found the Suzuki X-90 to be "extremely creative," on the other side of the water, British buyers didn't l…
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A 1000-HP Toyota MR2 Is Too Much Car, Even for the Track

There's only so much power you can push through a car before it's overwhelmed.

McLaren Wants to Race the Senna
If McLaren's most track-focused product seems to be the perfect base for a GTE race car, that's because it is. Woking is fully aware of…
Watch a Porsche 911 Turbo S Tear Around the Nurburgring

Even though it's not a track car, the 991.2 Turbo S comes pretty close to matching a GT3.

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How to Install the Ford Focus RS "Drift Stick" For Maximum Sideways-ness
Ford's $999 kit gives you a spring-loaded handbrake lever to lock up the rear wheels without sending the ABS and traction control into …
The Sportier BMW i3s Is the Perfect Second Car

Hot hatch? Not quite. The best pocket rocket for the city? You bet!

There's an Outrageous Amount of Custom Work on Ringbrothers' AMC Javelin

1000 horsepower and major bodywork changes that you might not even notice at first glance. Ringbrothers have done it again.

Here's How NASA's Wild Airless Tires Work

Maybe one day these will make it to road cars.

Porsche Explains Why Brake Squealing Isn't a Bad Thing

That sound just means they're working.

The Ferrari 812 Superfast Is Probably the Best GT Car Ever Built

It has the speed, the looks, and the comfort. It also drives fantastically. What else do you need?

Here's How F1 Teams Actually Make Their Money

A breakdown of the many millions of dollars that travel into F1 team budgets every year.

This Gorgeous Volvo Has a 300-HP Chevy Cobalt SS Engine

From the factory, the P1800 was all show and virtually no go. This one's a little different.

The Oldest Running Bugatti in Existence Drives Like a Car Half Its Age

This Type 22 sure looks like it handle well considering it's 105 years old.

This Turbocharged Ferrari 308 Has a 570-HP Racing Engine Built for Bonneville
A Frankenstein engine built with parts from seven different Ferraris and triple the horsepower over stock. You'd think this would be a …
Watch as the Tesla Semi Silently Cruises By While Testing

Tesla's big truck is on the way. It's currently testing on the street.

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