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The rarest, weirdest, and best cars we find for sale on the internet.

image This Race-Ready Lister Knobbly Has a Corvette V-8, and You Can Own It

Lister built just 16 Knobblys with Corvette engines. This is one of them, and it's for sale.

image This 4600-Mile Mazda RX-7 Will Sell for Untold Millions of Dollars

It's incredibly clean and totally stock.

image You Can Own This Porsche 956 Raced By Two Andrettis at Le Mans

The car finished third at the legendary 24-hour race in 1983, with Mario and Michael Andretti at the wheel.

image The Black Series Is the Coolest Mercedes SL You Can Buy

This SL65 AMG Black Series is one of just 175 built for the US. It has a fixed roof, and it's very, very quick. This one's for sale.

image The Manual-Swapped Eunos Cosmo of Your Dreams Is for Sale

Mazda never offered the Cosmo with a manual. This imported example fixes that.

image This Turbocharged Miata Could Be the Perfect Cheap Track Car

It has everything you need to get on track. All for less than $4000.

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image This LS-Swapped BMW Z3 Is the Sleeper Muscle Convertible You Deserve

That's a whole lot of firepower under that clamshell hood. And it can be yours.

image This 1986 Ford Bronco II Is Amazingly Clean

Just look at that red velour interior! You need this in your life.

image This 1972 MGB GT Is a Beautiful, Affordable Classic

If you can't afford an E-Type or a Jensen Interceptor, consider the MGB GT.

image Live Your Supercar Dreams With This Reasonably Priced Six-Speed Audi R8

It's for sale right now on eBay for under $60,000. You should buy it.

image Win Your Local Concours With This Stunning Baby Blue Abarth Coupe

It's one of around 50 Abarth-Simca 1300s ever built. And you can own it.

image This BMW 1-Series Drift Car Is Powered by AMG's Greatest V-8

Yep, you read that right. There's a 6.2-liter AMG V-8 under the hood of this BMW. And it's for sale.

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image This Twin-Turbo Gallardo Has 1500 HP and a Manual Transmission

Who needs the latest and greatest when you could have this thing?

image Smoke Porsche GT3s on Track With This LS3-Swapped Miata

It's the V-8-powered Miata track car of your dreams. And it's for sale.

image This Datsun 280ZX 10th Anniversary Edition Is Incredibly Clean

It's for sale. You know you need some black gold in your life.

image Want to Experience Real Torque-Steer? Buy This 400-HP Volkswagen Rabbit

That's a lot of energy going to the front wheels, even with a limited-slip differential.

image Make This Wild Japanese Zagato Your Daily Concept Car

If you can't afford a 1986-1990 Aston Martin V8 Zagato, the 1989-90 Nissan Autech Stelvio is the Zagato for you! And this one is in Philadelphia already.

image Someone Turned This Maserati Quattroporte Into a Wagon and It's Awesome

Oh, and it's for sale. You almost assuredly can't import it to the US, but we still think you should check it out.

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image Win Your Local Track Day With This Race-Ready V-10 Formula 1 Car

This 1998 Benetton has had its 700-horsepower 4.0-liter V-10 freshly rebuilt. You can own it.

image The Goggomobil Dart Is the Bug-Faced Micro Sports Car You Didn't Know You Needed

Just look at this thing. How could you not want to drive it?

image Icon's LS7-Powered 1950 Buick Roadmaster Convertible Is for Sale on eBay

Here's your chance to own one of Jonathan Ward's masterpieces without having to spend years on a waitlist.

image The SLS AMG Black Series Is Still the Coolest Mercedes Supercar

The AMG One might have a bunch of wild F1 hybrid tech, but nothing beats a V-8 and gullwing doors. This one's for sale. You should buy it.

image One-Up Everyone at Your Local Car Show With This Italdesign ZeroUno

It's the last of just five built, powered by a Lamborghini V-10.

image This Volkswagen Passat-R Wagon Is the People's Sleeper

Are you brave enough for a 330 hp, front-wheel drive wagon?

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