Piss Off Everybody With This Turbo V-8-Swapped Jaguar E-Type

Purists, avert your eyes


The Jaguar E-Type is is a full-on collector's car. Original, unmodified examples are only going up in value. This E-Type is ... not that. It's a later Series III model that's had its V-12 swapped out for a turbocharged Ford V-8 engine. And . You should buy it.

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Save for a one-piece roll bar, this E-Type still looks totally stock from a distance. It sports original knock-off wire wheels, four-exit exhaust, and British Racing Green paint. It's only when you peek into the cabin that you get the sense something's out of place. Yep, that's a Hurst ratchet shifter, along with aftermarket gauges, a boost controller, and four-point Simpson harnesses.

Under the hood sits a turbocharged 351 cubic-inch Ford Windsor engine with a custom headers, a Vortech intercooler, and a cold-air intake, powering a three-speed automatic transmission. The engine bay isn't the cleanest, but according to Moto Exotica, the selling dealer, everything works as intended. There's even a nitrous oxide system installed, though you'll need to supply your own bottle. Whoever owned this car before knew how to have a good time.

The car is with a high bid of $18,200, five days remaining, and reserve not met. The car is also for $47,500.

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