This Lancia Montecarlo Can Be Your Rally-Inspired Summer Fling

Lancia's rally heritage shines bright in this quirky-cool coupe.


Want to live out your '70s Lancia rally fantasies this summer? Consider this rally-themed 1979 Montecarlo. It's not the Lancia 037 of your dreams, but it still has the same mid-engine, rear-wheel drive architecture, and certainly looks the part. It's . You should buy it.

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The mid-'70s Montecarlo was sold as the Scorpion in the US market. This one is located in the Netherlands, and underwent a restoration completed in 2012. In addition to the new red paint job is a matte black hood with a massive Lancia decal, a set of Martini stickers, and some fog lights. The transversely-mounted 2.0-liter inline-four has been rebuilt, along with the five-speed manual transmission. Note the engine bay-mounted spare tire, a Lancia hallmark of the time.

Inside, occupants are greeted by bucket seats with four-point harnesses. One of the four previous owners took the time to install a rally trip-meter, meaning this thing is fully equipped to take on your favorite road rally events. If you want to compete in actual stage rallies, though, you'll need a roll cage and a handful of other safety equipment this car doesn't currently have.

The car is with a Buy It Now price of $30,000 or best offer. The seller, a dealership called ER Classics, says shipping to its warehouse in Linden, New Jersey can be provided at a cost of $1800.

$31,800 isn't cheap, but it's a whole lot less than a real 037. If you want to make your Lancia rally dreams come true, you better act fast.

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