Be Prepared to Spend Hours Looking at Old FIA Homologation Documents

The FIA hosts years worth of homologation forms for all sorts of cars on its site. They're incredible.


To get a road car homologated for FIA-sanctioned motorsports events, automakers have to submit all sorts of forms detailing everything about the car in question. And interestingly, we just discovered that many of those documents produced between 1956 and 2007 are up for viewing on . This is pretty much heaven for race-car nerds with lots of time on their hands.

In total, there are 3179 cars and components homologated by the FIA in the database. You'll find everything from a to in there. And it's searchable by class too, so you can look up some of your favorite types of race cars.

The photo at the top of this post is from , which was homologated for GT1 racing on January 1st, 1995. In that document, you'll find all sorts of specs, technical drawings, and pictures of individual components. There's even a signature from Gordon Murray, the F1's designer, ensuring that the car's roll cage meets FIA safety standards.

So, . There's sure to be lots of neat stuff you'll find in these documents.

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