Complete Test Results From The 2016 Road & Track...
Now we know what won, but what numbers were behind it? Here are our …
The Cayman GT4 Is a Near Perfect Arrangement of...

The mix and match nature of modern Porsches has created a winner.

The Cadillac ATS-V Is a Good Car in Search of the...

It's a BMW M3 fighter, but it isn't necessarily a Cadillac.

Is the Corvette Z06 Actually a Corvette ZR1 in Disguise?

Has the track focus taken a back seat to outright speed?

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<p>The last time Ferrari offered a mid-engined car with a manual, it was the F430. They didn't really sell many of them. That's a shame, because the classic gated shifter was Ferrari's calling card. </p>
Turbocharging Does Not Ruin the Ferrari 488 GTB

It's also become the fastest way in America to get a date.

Is a $15,000 Porsche Boxster the Perfect Alternative to a New $100,000 Sports Car?

We brought a 2004 Boxster S to our Performance Car of the Year test as a control. This is how it did.

Flat Out: How We Knocked A Tire Off A 503-Horsepower PCOTY Contender

And how we fixed it with the bare minimum of tools.

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